Designed with Quanta
Version 1.5.3
Kommander special release with numerous improvements
  • Bugfixes
    • fix error - only allowed 5 parameters for valueDouble
    • 1.5.3 fixed matrix_rowToArray bug - now uses column headers correctly
    • fixed array_remove() bug - Thanks Alex
  • Improvements
    • TabWidget can set tab label on the fly
    • TreeWidget returns -1 for no selection
    • focus event enhancements
    • enable for loop to count backwards
    • geometry for widgets and Progressbar color
    • detect ExecButton state when used as toggle
    • added geometry to more widgets not having it
    • got popup menu on button working
    • added -=, ++ and -- operators
    • Now allows {} block handling as alternate to do, then, end...
    • handle notify click in TextBrowser
    • improved tab handling - signal with tab name
    • enable hiding tabs on TabWidget
    • add call by name functionality for tabs
    • multi line comments /* */
    • 2D array support - m[row][col]
    • added context menu to PixmapLabel
    • setButtonText added
    • tools for modified widget TextEdit LineEdit
    • added node manipulation features for TreeWidget
    • added matrix (2D array) clear
    • added matrix functions - to and from string, column and header, etic...
    • allow add row to create new matrix
    • added find row to matrix - total now 13 functions
    • ehnanced foreach to handle matrix with both keys
    • discern matrix and array in foreach with like names
    • now handles irregular matrices gracefully
    • numerous minor usability and functionality enhancements with widgets
    • 1.5.3 matrix_findRow now allows for iterative results
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