Designed with Quanta
Version 1.3.1
Kommander special release with snippet Manager
  • Bugfixes
    • made actions sort along with widgets in the connection dialog
    • fixed about dialog license to take text and files correctly
    • regression: add back the missing str_compare function
    • raised the number of allowed paramaters for scripts
  • Improvements
    • Now has a snippet database manager on the Tools::Editor menu
    • Added some table functionality that may not be compatible with KDE4 version such as making rows and columns read only
    • added round function in strings to round number to x digits
    • added cut, copy and paste to editor popup menu
    • added file exists function
    • added geometry and has focus to primary data widgets
    • added test geometry function to buttons for popup use
    • it's about time scripts had a boolean execute slot!
    • Table - added keepCellVisible for my application
    • ComboBox - added popupList to bring up the list without using the mouse - faster data entry
    • LineEdit - added gotfocus event
    • Tree/Detail (ListView) widget - enabled adding columns
    • Tree/Detail (ListView) widget - enabled removing columns (copied from table widget)
    • Tree/Detail (ListView) widget - return column count
    • Tree/Detail (ListView) widget - return column caption for given index
    • Tree/Detail (ListView) widget - set sort column and where ASC or DESC
    • Tree/Detail (ListView) widget - set column width - serves as hide colum at 0 width
    • Table widget - add column sort that does by whole rows - doesn't do well with float as strings
    • TextEdit - added lostFocus event
    • LineEdit - added gotFocus event
    • enable additional slots in dialog and restore slots for actions - you can now directly manipulate actions on a MainWindow via signals and slots from the dialog
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